Insulation Services

Thermal Insulation

Do you need thermal insulation for your business? We can help to save you money on energy bills with the right insulation for you. Badly insulated pipework, valves, flanges, boilers etc. can cost you extra money on energy bills. It can also make your property harder to rent or sell as well as being bad for the environment.

Insulation is permanent and doesn't require maintenance so it is a great investment which can help to save you money in the long run.

Providing services across Northern Ireland

We will ensure you receive a first class quality service, competitive pricing and availability of products tailored to your needs. TR Thermal Insulation offer expert insulation services all over the North and South of Ireland.

Insulation pipes on roof
Armaflex insulation

Armaflex Insulation

Do you need high-performing insulation for your business or for an industrial purpose? We have the right choice for you. Armaflex insulation can be used for both industrial insulation and pipe insulation and it has the added advantage of serving as a soundproofing material. Whether you want to prevent unwanted noise for your business or you need high performance protection from industrial noise, we have the solution for you.

Regardless of where you need Armaflex insulation, be it a large industrial property or an airport or railway, we can offer our expert knowledge and provide the best materials for you.

Protect your property

Don't be left with frozen pipes, this could be detrimental to your business perhaps even putting production at a standstill. Insulating your pipes also prevents condensation which in itself can be problematic. Mineral fibre insulation is long lasting and a well worthy investment to protect your premises.

Along with wired mattresses, fire protection for ducting and pipework and pre-fabricated products to meet specialised OEM requirements, we supply and fit a full range of mineral fibre including Isover, Knauf Insulation, Paroc, Rockwool and Sager.

A massive range:

  • Glasswool pipe sections (Isover & Sager)
  • Stonewool pipe sections (Paroc & Rockwool)
  • Glasswool & stonewool ductwraps (including Icerock)
  • Ductslabs
  • Lamella mats
  • A range of plain or faced slabs
  • And much more

Other Insulation Products

Whether you need efficient insulation for hot or cold appliances we will have the best solution to meet your requirements and budget. We offer a wide selection of insulation products to protect your property and equipment.

We offer specialist installation of high-performance products including made to order valve and flange jackets. Whether you require a supply only service or a supply and installation service we are always happy to help.

Expert site surveys

We offer a full site survey so we can recommend the best materials to suit your insulation requirements. We also offer mechanical and weather protection to insulation with cladding materials and we have materials that offer fire protection.

We have a diverse range of quality products including calcium silicate & perlite (sections, lags and slabs), cellular glass (sections, lags, slabs and finishes), ceramic fibre (blankets, boards and accessories). The latest nano-technology has created highly efficient aerowool quilts for both hot and cold applications.

Insulation of pipe