Industrial Ancillaries

Providing sheet metal & industrial parts tailored to you

To complete the picture, we supply and install a comprehensive range of industrial ancillaries including all types of fixings and fastenings, pipeline and ductwork identification and much more.

Save yourself the hassle of contacting multiple companies and get what you need from a reputable company. We can come up with solutions to all types of problems and get you the parts you need to keep your business running.

Comprehensive range including:

  • Self-adhesive tapes

  • Coverings

  • Isogenopak

  • VentureClad

  • PIB sheet

  • Removable insulated boxes

  • Bituminous paints

  • Glass cloths & textiles

  • Adhesives & Sealants

  • Coatings & mastics

    (Idenden & Fosters)

Sheet metal specialists

We are also sheet metal specialists and provide metal products such as banding, jacketing and sheet metal in aluminium, stainless steel and proprietary materials.

Stainless steel pipping system
Stainless steel pipe system on roof
Stainless steel pipes
Stainless steel drum